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About Us

Continuously to develop and innovate, "Ingenious Technology LLC'' has not just become a company which only focuses on AI technology.

Since 2021, we have been committed to the research and experimentation of water rescue technology. 

We wish to see ourself improved by developing faster and safer rescue solutions,
in order to improve the difficulties of rescuing in aquatic environment, and redefine rescue technology.

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Agility and intelligence
Ingenious Safety S1 remote-controlled lifebuoy, which embodies the brand's philosophy, was officially launched in 2022.

Not only with the astonishing maneuverability, unique innovation, and superior intelligent technology,
but we never forget our priority, with rescue as the core.

Besides those concepts, we also include multiple safety designs to deliver a secured rescue operation.

We will continue to research and develop to bring about a new era of rescue technology.

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